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Our clinic needs your help.

Drs. Orlando and Gabi (pictured above) serve our patients with loving hearts, prayer, and professional care, but keeping just one doctor on staff costs ASELSI about $1000 per month. The medical staff in the ASELSI Clinic are vital to the mission of caring for our patients physically and spiritually.

$34 per day keeps a caring doctor in the ASELSI clinic.

That's $34 per day to provide the bare minimum of care for the thousands of patients--elderly, men, women, mothers, children, and babies -- who walk through our doors every year.

Faithful support that was donated late last year made it possible to have both Orlando and Gabi on our staff this year. They have been amazing! With their care the clinic saw thousands of patients since January. That wouldn’t have happened without them.

 Simply put, without our nurses and doctors, we don’t have the medical staff to care for all these patients.

Without medical staff we will have to turn patients away.

Here’s the good part…A generous donor has offered us a matching grant to help us keep our doctors in 2020, but we need your help to match that gift by December 3.

 our gift today will double and help keep our clinic running.

 Donate now and your gift will be matched up to $12,000. That means $500 becomes $1,000, $100 becomes $200, $5 becomes $10. No amount is too big or too small because every gift helps keep our clinic running, caring for patients, and transforming their lives with Christ.



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Dear Friends,

We are amazed to see the progress on ASELSI’s Vision 2020 projects that has happened this year (see photos of the clinic construction progress above!).

Many teams have helped us with the construction of a new space for the clinic and we were even able to start to pave the road to Vision of Grace Church in Chicua I, and it is nearly complete! We hope to open the new clinic in Jan/Feb 2020.  

Our staff is excited about training others, and we have sent out teams of Guatemalans to distant villages with medical care and training in God’s Word in the mountains and into Mexico!

Later this year, we have a team of Guatemalan students from ASELSI Bible Institute (EBA) going to Cuba to share Christ and teach in a new Bible extension. In January, a group of Guatemalans from different churches who trained in missions at ASELSI will be heading to do ministry in Nicaragua.

Thank you for your continued support and for being one of the ones God is using to help us continue with the vision and mission here in the highlands of Guatemala and beyond.

We thank God for you for allowing us to serve the people of Guatemala. Because of your generous prayers and support, we are accomplishing His purpose, mission, and vision to “Equip the Saints for the work of the ministry” (Ephesians 4:12).

For us this is a lifelong commitment to continue this vision and to EQUIP and EMPOWER  and ENABLE THE CHURCH to, impact communities, respond to needs, bring change, train disciples who will expand the Gospel, care for the poor, and be the hands and feet of Jesus here on earth.

Thank you for walking alongside with us, and for believing in what we are doing here. We also would like to ask for you to pray and consider ASELSI for your END OF THE YEAR GIVING, this is a key time for us for fundraising and your financial help will really help us to finish 2019 and start 2020.

Thank you! We love you!

Eman & Jess

Directors of ASELSI


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In September, ASELSI teamed up with two other ministries to equip local churches and organizations with training that was outside the box and inside a camera.

Two trainers flew in to Guatemala for this video training project-- one from Ecuador and another from the U.S. They were from I-TEC, a U.S. and Ecuador-based ministries that focus on technical training among indigenous populations around the world.

Using iPad tablets as the camera and editing system for the training, these 10 students learned video camera techniques, how to tell a story using various angles, perspectives, and with interviews or narration. Each team of two students worked together to plan, produce, edit, and distribute quality videos that can help them share the Gospel, announce activities, share testimonies, and keep viewers informed and interested in their church or organization.

“Everyone loves to hear a story,” said instructor Henry Cabrera (Ecuador). “Stories are so important to share what God is doing.”

This training was focused on preparing the ASELSI team and local churches to increase their ability to share the stories of what God is doing around them.

“In the media-hungry world we live in, video is a powerful way to share stories,” said ASELSI Communications Director Michael Shead. “With this training we hope to continue equipping individuals and the church with the skills to connect others with Christ in new ways.”

The training finished with an exhibition of the film projects for the public to see. (They can be viewed below.)

At the conclusion of the training, teams left equipped not with only information and experience, but with the tools (an iPad mini, software, stabilizer, tripod, battery, and microphone) to continue video productions in the future.

Shead said that this was not just a one-time training but the start of something more.

“Our hope is that those who were trained will use what they learned and also train others in their church or organization to tell more stories and connect more people with what God is doing around them,” he said.

The students involved in the training represented at least six different churches and four ministries or outreaches including ASELSI.

Besides digital storytelling, I-TEC also provides training all over the world in areas of medical, dental, and eye care as well as engine repair, agriculture, and aviation.



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A team of dedicated students and staff from Therapy Clinics International and University of Texas Medical Branch did an awesome job of serving Learning experiences included: special needs school, adult ortho and neuro patients, a training for staff on a new device for people with paralysis, fitting of the equipment built, and a presentation by CONADI (Advocates for rights of people with disabilities). They also provided training for local midwives and built tools that will help local children with disabilities stay mobile.

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Angelica Maria de Leon and her husband didn’t have much. Just a small house without electricity, but they had each other and their three children.

Then about 11 years ago, Angelica’s husband decided to go illegally to the United States to try and make a better life for his family. Talking about that time is still difficult for Angelica.

“I feel that when I talk about my life then, that it’s just too much. “

Her husband mortgaged their little house and land and began his journey to the United States.

“When my husband went to the United States he said he went to help us move forward –my children and me -- because where we were before we didn’t have electricity. We   didn’t have anything.”

It didn’t work out that way.

Chulumal I, Chichicastenango, Quiché

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