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Some fourth and fifth graders from Pittsburgh, PA, decided to put what they learned about Central America to good use and help ASELSI make a difference.

Ms. Fuller's class at Pittsburgh Urban Christian School (PUCS) were studying about Central and South America, but they didn't stop with studying. They held a bake sale in a park, invited neighbors to help, and organized a coin drive to help support ASELSI. In all, this industrious class raised $774!

Thanks Ms. Fuller and all you fourth and fifth graders! Your support for the clinic, moms, babies, children with disabilities, and the new generation of leaders is inspiring. Your notes of encouragement for our staff are very sweet too! 

The children studying at PUCS are following in the footsteps of ASELSI Missionary Jessica Gormley de Perez who was a student there through fifth grade and also a teacher at PUCS for three years before she moved to Guatemala!

Do you want to do something too? Check out these ideas for how you can get involved and help ASELSI continue reaching out to the poor and training leaders in Guatemala and beyond.

Want to add to what Ms. Fuller's class raised? You may DONATE HERE.

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Soccer fields are where teams play and train to compete, but in one town in Guatemala, a different type of training is happening at the soccer field.

In Chicaman, a town about three hours from Chichicastenango, a group of pastors and leaders came to a local soccer field for their own training--Bible training.

Taught by ASELSI staff and trained teachers, these 35 leaders are from 23 different congregations around Chicaman and were brought together by a local ministry to study ASELSI's two-year Bible course.

One of ASELSI's core ministries is to equip and train church leaders and pastors so that they can understand the Bible and share it, demonstrate it, and apply it in their lives, communities, and churches.

This new Bible Extension class began in February and will continue training these hungry leaders each month. Thanks to a local ministry in Chicaman that has a vision for developing pastors, ASELSI is part of bringing these leaders together to train in God's Word.

This new extension is one of many extensions held across Guatemala as well as international extensions in Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, Myanmar, and the United States. Read more about ASELSI's Bible training here.

We need funds for our Bible training programs! Please consider helping with a gift here.

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In January ASELSI signed an agreement between ASELSI in Guatemala and Cross Bible Seminary in Myanmar (pictured above). ASELSI provides curriculum for their students as they work to “Equip the Saints” in their nation! This is one more giant step to mobilizing the Mayan church for Missions and a historic step for ASELSI now in Asia!

Pray for the students in Yangon, Myanmar, as they study and take what they learn to their churches and communities!

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Ana and Josefa were very poor and their sparse food supplies had been stolen. These two sisters lived in the countryside outside of Chichicastenango and had been violently attacked by some men.  They had no family to turn to, but they trusted God to help them and He did just that.

One of the ASELSI staff members heard about Ana and Josefa and started doing what they could to help. Then, a kind-hearted team built a small house on the ASELSI campus where the two elderly women came to live. It became a safe haven for them.

It was about 13 years ago when Ana and her sister moved to live in the safety of ASELSI’s walls.

Since then, Josefa died, but Ana has a found “family” of her own in the staff and visitors at ASELSI.


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Almost exactly sixty-one years after Fidel Castro and his revolutionary forces gained control over the island nation of Cuba, something new is underway.

Recently a team of Guatemalan Bible school students and teachers teamed up with local pastors to encourage small but growing churches that are changing their communities in the outskirts of Santiago de Cuba.

The team went ready to serve, teach, pray and loaded with supplies to provide resources to the local church and to give to families in need as they visited them in their homes.

In house after house, the team saw hearts open to Christ, others were healed, and more came asking for prayer.

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