It has been over two decades since John and Sharon Harvey crossed Mexico and stepped into Guatemala, but the ministry they founded is going strong.
Today, over three hundred pastors, students, and leaders from near and far traveled to Chichicastenango to be part of ASELSI's annual leadership conference. 
This year, the conference theme is unity and this diverse group from many of denominations, multiple languages, and cultures worshipped together, prayed together, and learned together, but it has been a long road to get here.  

“I came here to Chichicastenango about 25 years ago,” said ASELSI founder John Harvey. "The pastors were so divided and there was no idea of unity at all among all the churches. What I see here at the conference today: the unity they have, the power of the Holy Spirit, the desire to serve Christ united is amazing to me."
The conference included workshops on unity in the family, in missions, and between the generations and churches. All was focused on challenging people to demonstrate Christ’s unity wherever these students, leaders, and pastors are called. 
“We have seen a revival here yesterday and today too, all this because each of us put aside our language, denomination, and dedicated to seek God and His presence,” said Pedro Cavinal, an ASELSI graduate from San Juan Cotzal.
"They had time for men and for women we really felt part…of turning hearts of the parents to the children,” commented Juana Gonzalez, an ASELSI associates degree student from Santa Cruz Del Quiche. "I consider that this is something really important that we had lost."
Now that they have come to the mountains and experienced the unity conference, it’s really a question of what they’ll do with what they’ve learned.
“[These teachings] will help me to share this blessing to other churches,” Cavinal said. "I’m thinking about how to take these messages that promote unity to others because this is the only way we can share the blessing."
As the two-day conference wraps up, the leadership of ASELSI knows the work isn’t done. 
“We want to challenge them,” ASELSI Director Emanuel Perez said of the conference attendees. “These conferences are designed to challenge people, not just to give them an experience. They need to go back and start to do something about it. I think it is the beginning of a new season."
This new season is one that connects the vision of the last 25 years with the next as leaders are equipped and lives are transformed for eternity.

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