In 2010 Hector and Hilda Piedrasanta found an open door to take the Gospel to Cuba.

Hilda who is from Cuba and Hector had married in his home country of Guatemala, but now they felt God was calling them to the island for a specific purpose.

“The Lord called me to go back to Cuba and start a church,” Hector said.

Together they started serving in an established church while they looked for ways to reach out and start a church where there was a great need.

“We walked around looking for the place,” Hector recalled. “We asked God that it would be a place where they really needed the Lord and where the Word of God hadn’t been preached much.” 

Hector and Hilda had a calling and heart for the people, but there were many challenges to face.

“We’ve had a lot of challenges, tests, and the enemy has tried to destroy,” Hector said.

One of the challenges was finding a place to meet as a church. 

“Here in all of Cuba, you can’t start a church in a borrowed or rented place. It has to be your own property.,” Hector said.

After a remarkable experience of connections and provision, Hector and Hilda purchased a house outside of Santiago de Cuba on the southeastern edge of the island. Their new neighborhood is called Caney. It is everything they’d prayed for--there are many broken marriages, physical and spiritual needs are abundant, and people young and old are looking for the transformation Christ brings to their lives.

As Hector and Hilda walk the muddy streets, they are welcomed into the homes where they listen, pray, and love the people.

“We go house to house, visiting the people,” Hector said. “They always receive us. They start sharing their needs and the first thing we do is ask, ‘Can we pray with you?’ And almost everyone says, ‘yes.’ So that’s how we started bringing souls to the Lord.”

In a country where free practice of religious faith has been restricted since the 1950s, and atheism has been promoted for decades, there is a growing interest in studying about the living God and His Word.

“There are many people who want to study, but it’s not easy for them.” Hector said. “God is opening a door, and ASELSI has been great to help us prepare spiritually.”

After meeting with Hector in 2017, ASELSI provided the Bible curriculum needed to equip him and his church to study God’s Word. This small group of students studying the Bible are discovering how the Word of God transforms lives.

 “I‘m studying because I feel a great need to know the Lord more,” said student Celenis. “To confront many situations and to help my family.”

“Thanks to the Lord, through these courses, we’ve been able to resolve issues with the wisdom that God gives us through his Word,” commented student Pedro Antonio

“I’m really happy with the classes, because, in reality I don’t know much of the Bible,” said student Barbara. “I know some about the Gospel, but not to the depth that these classes teach us.”

As Hector and Hilda teach these life-changing Bible courses, the ministry that provides the curriculum is excited about what God is doing with this curriculum that has already been used for nearly two decades in North, Central and South America.

“Our ASELSI Program was formed in Guatemala to reach the need of the rural pastor. It’s written in a way that is easy to understand,” said Mike McComb, the international director of ASELSI’s Extension Program. “I think we are on the cutting of seeing God build his church here in Cuba and we’re really blessed to be a part of that.”

“The students are so passionate to study the Bible. They are in love with Christ. They are in love with the Word of God,” Said ASELSI Director, Emanuel Perez during a recent visit to Cuba. “You can see as you teach them, the light of their eyes as things make sense for them. I really feel that there is a future for what the Lord has called us to do here working alongside with the church.”

 For Hector and his students, ASELSI isn’t just something to study and be done. He has plans for these students to be leaders as Cuban hearts open to the Gospel.

“Our vision is that they will start new groups, new extensions of ASELSI and that they will be the teachers,” Hector said.

As ASELSI teams up with pastors, students, and the vision God has given them, the Word of God continues equipping these saints and transforming their lives.


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