The Fenton Medical team has gone out of their way to make a difference...thousands of miles and an extra five hours out of their way.

This team of 19 medical personnel arrived in Guatemala and headed out to the distant village of El Pinal with much of the staff from the ASELSI clinic and with support staff of translators, cooks and more!

Thanks to the preparations of the ASELSI team leaders and staff, the team was able to plug in with community leaders and setup a temporary clinic in an available building. Then the patients started showing up!

If the sheer number of patients this team cared for is any indication, the need for basic medical care in this region is great. The doctors and medical staff saw over 310 patients in the medical clinic and 70 eye patients in the eye clinic on Wednesday and nearly 200 more patients on Thursday.

Not only did this team care for the physical needs that are abundant in this community, but they are teamed up with a local church to pray for and share Christ with the patients as well. 

Please pray that these patients will be healed in heart and soul and connect with Christ through this outreach.

Thanks Fenton Medical Team for going out of your way to make a difference here in Guatemala.