José Luis spent three years learning God's Word through ASELSI's Bible courses, and he still wanted more.
"We love God, go to church, and sing," José Luis said. "but we also need to love our neighbors."
He found out about the discipleship process offered at local churches through ASELSI's connections and decided this is what he wanted to do--learn more and put faith in action. The series of studies that help people integrate daily study and putting what they learn into action is called High Quest.
With the help of about nine others who also wanted a deeper relationship with God's Word, José Luis has spent the past nearly four years participating in a discipleship process that is helping him become more like Christ.
He recently joined over 100 other disciples like him at the annual Discipleship Conference at ASELSI to learn more about how to be a disciple who puts God's Word into action. 
The conference included guest speakers, testimonies, fellowship with people from other churches and communities, and practical opportunities to walk through the discipleship process.
The process that José Luis is part of was born out of a group of men in Columbia, Missouri, who had been learning principles from God's Word about how to study and apply the lessons from the Bible into their daily lives. In 2005 a small group of these men from Missouri, came to Guatemala and began to teach people here how to follow those same principles of discipleship. It has been transforming for both the men in Missouri and the men and women of Guatemala who have put the verses that they've studied into practice.
Now there are multiple discipleship groups scattered across the mountains of Chichicastenango where both men and women are learning what it means to be a disciple.
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