Imagine your world slowly going blurry. At first it is just annoying, but gradually it is keeping you from being able to do the work that pays to feed your family.
For many people, this situation is not in their imagination. It's real life. It's a cataract that needs to be removed or they can loose their sight.
That's why ASELSI not only cares for our eye patients by providing exams and glasses but also with surgeries. Thanks to generous donors and a Guatemalan eye doctor who has a heart for the people in rural areas like Chichicastenango, we are able to provide onsite surgeries for a variety of conditions.
In January, Dr. Julio de Leon performed 25 cataract surgeries, four pterygium removals, and four other procedures.
Throughout 2019 ASELSI has five more surgery dates scheduled with Dr. Julio along with eight eye exam and glasses fittings planned to help give people their sight back. These eye clinic outreaches are planned not only here in Chichicastenango but as far away as the Peten--a region some 10 hours drive away.
We're excited about these plans to bring sight to blurry eyes and share the love of Jesus Christ, however there is only funding available for some of these outreaches.
Each surgery costs about $200 per patient.

For about $200 someone can get their eyesight back!

Imagine how these patients feel when they have struggled to see, but after surgery, they can clearly see again. Here's a video of one woman who thought she was worthless after she lost her vision until she got help from the caring staff at ASELSI.
An eye surgery outreach lasts for four days and provides surgeries for about 15 to 20 patients. Consider helping us   
If you want to help provide eye surgeries for blurry eyes, consider making a monthly donation or a one time gift.

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