There are more people age 25 and younger here than there are Guatemalans ages 26 and above, combined. Statistically speaking, of the 16 million Guatemalans, 56.82% are under the age of 25. 


Young people worshiping


That means that there are a lot of young people in Guatemala — more than 9 million of them.


With this massive amount of people in the “youth”, adolescent, and child population sector, ASELSI recognizes the extraordinary opportunity to equip pastors and leaders who have hearts for reaching this new generation who will be leaders in this nation in the future.


ASELSI’s answer to this opportunity is RELEVANT — a movement to equip leaders who are reaching the new generation.


In October, ASELSI held the first youth conference to train up leaders to reach this generation with Christ. Nearly 200 leaders from Guatemala and Mexico were present to learn, share, and grow together. 




“This was something that has been on our hearts since about three years ago,” said ASELSI Director and President Emanuel Perez. “The heart of this movement, called Relevant, is to encourage leaders who are on the field giving their lives to the next generation and equip them.”


About 200 leaders were at ASELSI on October 20th for the Relevant Conference which included workshops, keynote speakers with experience in working with children, youth, and adolescents along with practical teachings about how to connect young people with Christ.


The focus of the conference was to help leaders and churches work together to bring the relevance of Christ to this generation. 


"Things cannot be the same when we apply the Word of God to our lives,” Emanuel said. "We expect to see changes in the churches and the new generation to impact the world.”


For the conference attendees, the event seemed to give them ideas and stir a passion to continue their work with young people. 


"I learned a lot of practical things,” said Caesar, one of the conference attendees. “Sometimes we have these paradigms that say that young people stray away from Christ and the church, but the things we’ve learned here have helped us learn how to draw the new generation closer.



ASELSI’s dream is that this event is the start to something that is more than a conference.


"Please pray,” asked Emanuel. "This is a movement, not an event. A movement we want to start with unity among the churches…of the next generation.”




If you would like to help ASELSI train up leaders to prepare the new generation, consider giving to ASELSI.