Our International Director of Extensions, Mike McComb shared this update on our Bible Extension Centers and how more students are learning God's life-changing Word.
México: We started working with Water Mission in Mexico in January of 2019 with 32 students in the extension in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.  Water Mission has clean water projects going on in several rural communities, and they asked for ASELSI to assist in their church planting efforts by training their staff in our Basic Bible course.  We hope to finish their "Basic Training" in the Fall of next year, and hope that they will in turn train others to reach all of Chiapas with the Gospel.  Overall since 2007, we have had 12 extensions in Mexico and have graduated over 100 students in that country.
Cuba:  An ASELSI extension was started in Santiago in 2018, and has now doubled into 2 extensions there with a total of 30 students enrolled.  The first five ASELSI graduates in Cuba will graduate in December 2019 when a group from ASELSI Guatemala goes on a trip to encourage them to go out to start new extensions in other parts of Cuba.
Venezuela:  We have graduated 34 students from three extensions so far in Caracas, Valencia and La Isla de Margaritas.  We currently have  24 students enrolled in Margaritas and 3 in Valencia.  We are hoping to send one of our ASELSI teachers this year to help with the ongoing work.
United States:  We have two extensions in areas with heavy Latino populations.  One in Central Texas and the other near Miami, Florida.  Hundreds of students have already graduated from these extensions and one that we had in Vancouver, Washington.  This year, 24 will graduate from our Miami extension and 9 graduated from the extension in Texas.  These students are pastoring and working in Latino churches that are making an impact in these two states and we are hoping to open more extensions in the future.
Guatemala:  We currently have 12 extensions operating in Guatemala with approximately 150 students enrolled.  We will be expanding these current extensions to include three new ones that will be offering courses on the university level in 2020.
Over the past 18 months, we have had pastors and church leaders contact us from different countries in Africa and Asia asking for assistance with ministerial training.  We are currently looking into partnering with a ministry in Myanmar who has asked for help with the training of church planters to work in different parts of their country.  Please pray with us that we can continue to teach and train Gospel workers to take the Good news of Jesus to the ends of the Earth!
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