Twelve percent of these hard "workers" have died so far this year and they worked at ASELSI.

With them we’ve tracked hundreds of patients to make sure they are getting the best care we can give. We use them to write Bible curriculum to be taught in five countries. They project words of praise and graphics to explain. They calculate budgets and supplies for building a home for widows and single moms. They send our messages across the globe, and with them we coordinate the many teams that serve here. They help us teach children with special needs. They help us track when to buy more milk to feed hungry babies and more. At the ASELSI offices we have 32 of them.

They work day in and day out, but they are getting older and they need your help.

While we do our best to vaccinate them against viruses and keep them healthy, the older they get the more difficult it is to keep these workers going. Last year four of them died. This year four more have already died, and we are only starting September!

When one of them will no longer wake up, it…well... it’s hard on our staff…especially for those who worked side by side with them. Our care team says it helps a little just to know that something transplanted from one can help others who are on their last leg, but there is a point when these worn out workers just no longer respond.

“They” are the working computers of ASELSI.

Of the 32 computers we have working in our offices, 56% of them are 11 years old or older.  That’s pretty old for a hard-working computer. Only 10 of our computers are under the advancing age of five.

As we continue with expanding and growing ministry, we need to replace these aging computers, but we need funds to do this.  

In Guatemala, a new basic computer costs about $500.

Many of you probably know what a joy it is when computers just work right. You may also know what it’s like when a much-needed computer can no longer do the job or it just gives up at the most inopportune time. Ahh…we feel your pain!

If a good computer has ever helped you get something done, consider a donation to update the working computers of ASELSI and keep us running smoothly as we equip saints and transform lives in Guatemala and beyond.

Donations for the working computers of ASELSI can be made here.

Note: Hopefully, you enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek presentation of the genuine need for computers and the technology that helps us carry on the ministry here at ASELSI. As always, your financial support for ASELSI helps us continue supporting and doing ministry in Guatemala and beyond.