A team of doctors and medical students connected with the University of Missouri spent this week helping the ASELSI medical clinic reach out to more patients and train medical workers in the Chichicastenango area.

Partnering with the ASELSI medical staff, the team saw over 375 patients in three different communities.

The team also met with over 20 staff members from the local Public Health Center to both learn about local health care and provide training on topics like how to intravenous (IVs) blood extraction, treatment for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Dr. Jack Wells who teaches medical students, was part of the team. He said that these trips help medical students expand their understanding of how care is provided outside of the U.S.

“This is how so much of the world gets health care,” Dr. Wells said.

It is good for the medical students to see how local medical providers have to work with limited resources and “think on their feet” as they handle patient care in the best way possible, he said.

“These trips are always fantastic..getting to spend time with the folks we serve,” Wells said. “The most impactful to me is the teaching and seeing how much the local providers know and how eager they are to learn. They all want to get better.”

Teams of medical doctors and students have been coming to ASELSI for many years. Their expertise, training, and the medical supplies they bring are invaluable to the mission of the ASELSI clinic to care for the sick and needy in these communities.


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