The situation for families in neighborhoods across the world has drastically changed in the past few months.

Here in Guatemala, we face a similar situation: Schools, churches, and public activities are shut down. Markets and normal jobs as well as public transportation have stopped. Still, the needs around us are as plentiful if not greater than before.

Due to the rapid shift that has happened with COVID-19, here at ASELSI we are making an emergency plan to take us through the next two years. This especially focuses on finances and programs needed to reach out to the needs around us.

Our focus is on sustaining the ministry of ASELSI to serve the patients and students we care for and train. We also aim to continue supporting our staff because their income from ASELSI is the primary source they have to provide for their families.

However, we are making cuts where necessary.

In a meeting this week, some of our staff members voluntarily offered to reduce their salaries to help us meet our goals of sustaining the outreaches of ASELSI.

Later this month, we will begin reducing staff salaries while we continue to serve the people who have immediate and great needs in our community.

Our staff members are working from home or on a severely limited basis in the office when medical or nutrition packets have to be physically prepared.

Due to the changing economic situation, we hope to serve our neighbors by providing them with food packets in addition to serving the people who are in our current programs and receive medicine or milk.

We imagine that you are trying to be a good neighbor too. Maybe you are staying at home, caring for your neighbors by staying inside. Maybe you go to work each day to serve your neighbors. We would like to ask you to consider serving your global neighbors during this time. Maybe you were going to come to serve this year, but your trip was cancelled. We’ll miss you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help.

There are two ways in which you can serve your Guatemalan neighbors during this time:

  1. Pray for an ASELSI staff member from the Clinic, Bible Institute, Maintenance, office, etc. (Join us HERE for seven days of prayer!)
  2. GIVE a monthly or one-time donation to ASELSI for our Emergency Relief Fund that will provide for our staff and people who need help immediately with food.

Check out this story to see one example of how our staff continues reaching out.