Mike McComb is the Director of EBA (Estudios Biblicos ASELSI) International Extensions.  He and his family traveled through Mexico at the end of 2015 and visited many of the EBA extensions there.  While he attended many joyful graduation ceremonies, there were difficult times as well:


As pastor Daniel Ruiz and I sat with the couple in their humble concrete block home in a city in southern Mexico, the pain etched on their faces could be felt from across the room. Juan and Paulina (not their real names), ASELSI graduates, lost their son to Zeta drug lords only a few weeks before.

In a case of mistaken identity, their son had been kidnapped, tortured, killed and his body burned. As Juan told of how he had to identify his son's body and the only thing left recognizable was one of his fingers, I almost got physically sick.

What do you say to someone in a situation like that? As we prayed for them, all I could think about was all of the headlines that we have heard about the drug violence in Mexico are right here, in my face, and sickeningly real.

Only Jesus can heal deep pain and bring an end to the deadly violence that keeps Mexico under a thick blanket of terror. I ask you in Christ's name to please pray for the violence to end in Mexico and for our brave staff and students who spread the Gospel in some of the most difficult places in the world.


 The graduations continued in Mexico! On Nov. 6th four students from our High School (bachillerato) Program in theology graduated from our extension in Villa Hermosa, Tabasco. Our Mexican national director, Daniel Ruiz (far right) has worked hard to see that these church leaders received an excellent education. Please pray for Daniel, and the rest of the ASELSI crew in Mexico, as he will be opening 3 more high school level extensions in 2016.