Through enriching classes that teach the Doctrine of The Trinity or the Life of Jesus, EBA students are well-equipped to express ideas convincingly in person and in writing. Our curriculum offers an opportunity for those with a hunger for greater biblical understanding to grow in faith and spirituality. Driven by a desire to raise biblical literacy, EBA is committed to producing scholars that can exercise critical thinking skills and embody the real Gospel in their everyday lives.

By fostering a close-knit Christ-centered environment, ASELSI has developed uniquely strong bonds with the students, allowing church relations at the local level. EBA is both an academic experience and a means to enrich our community with clinic opportunities. Students at EBA have the chance to request medical attention for their church congregations--often in rural areas--that lack access to doctors and healthcare facilities.

Students at EBA are offered a variety of levels to meet their academic needs. Alma, a recent graduate of our second level Bachillerato course and current student in the following Profesorado program, reflects on how ASELSI’s mission to “equip the saints” has profoundly affected her understanding of the Gospel and her role in Guatemalan ministry. She reflects on a memory when a teacher told her class that they not only take those classes to learn biblical teachings, but also to be able to plant seeds in the hearts of people that still do not know Christ. She expresses gratitude to EBA for making scripture understandable in a way that she can share with her community.

Originally a personal endeavor to be closer to the Word, Alma chose to study at EBA for the classes that both explored questions like “What is prayer?” or “How do I pray for someone else?” and put the answers into practice in and out of the classroom. She has been able to integrate what she’s learned at EBA at her local church, Iglesia De Dios Casa De Oración Recibiréisc Poder, leading youth from the congregation with her husband. She describes her opportunity at EBA as a“gran privilegio” because it has helped her and the other God-driven students in their personal lives and gratitude to the Lord.

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