Evelyn Lucila had physical and learning disablilities and began attending "Little Lambs of Jesus" learning center for special needs children in 2010,

when it opened. In 2015 the teachers began to see quite remarkable progress in Evelyn Lucila, and they realized that she was ready to attend a public school. They encouraged her parents to enroll her, and in January 2016 she began to attend her community school! She has adapted well to her new school, new teachers and new classmates. Her parents are very grateful for the good work that was done with her at ASELSI. And they continue to bring her back to therapy, to work on her balance, every 2 weeks.

The teachers and parents of the "Little Lambs" learning center continue to work with love, faith and hope that God will bring a miracle in each of the children. Our goal is that other children like Evelyn Lucila may also progress and graduate from this program and be able to receive a full public school education. The teachers are working with the desire to serve God, the children, their families and communities, and to exalt the Kingdom of God.