Representatives from current Bible study extension centers converged on ASELSI’s Guatemalan campus for training and introduction to the new extension leaders. There were leaders from Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States who met with representatives of new Bible Study centers in Cuba, Kenya, and Colombia.



Fourteen representatives participated in the ASELSI conference and then in training classes to get them ready to start new extensions in their areas.


"Getting to know these new leaders and seeing their excitement for using ASELSI’s Bible training materials was thrilling,” recalled ASELSI Director Emanuel Pérez. “At ASELSI we are seeing God open new opportunities in countries like Venezuela, Mexico, and the United States for training and equipping leaders to build stronger churches where pastors build their lives and teachings on God’s Word. I'm excited to work with the leaders God has connected us with across the globe. Please pray for the great possibilities for ASELSI expand in the near future to Cuba, Kenya and Colombia.“


 As a ministry, ASELSI works hard to get the Word of God into to the hearts and hands of students across the globe. Currently there are over 330 students studying the Bible with ASELSI at locations across Guatemala plus locations in three countries outside of Guatemala.


Pictured above: Coordinatores from six nations display their flags during training at ASELSI. Students in Venezuela sit with their classmates at two extension centers there.




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