What 11-letter word can cause strong men and women to shudder in fear, and yet grade school children across America are doing it for their schools, bands and clubs every year? F-U-N-D-R-A-I-S-I-N-G

It may seem daunting to many, but kids are able to boldly raise funds because they are excited about what their schools, bands, and clubs are doing (or because of the nifty prizes they win if they sell the most). Either way, they are motivated to do it!

Fundraising doesn’t need to strike fear in hearts that are inspired by what those funds can do.

Many of you already know about ASELSI and what God is doing through this ministry to impact the Latin American world by training leaders and caring for the sick, poor, and disabled. If you need some inspiration about what ASELSI is doing, check out this video:


Here are other stories here and videos here.

Whether you are raising funds for your mission trip or you are inspired and want to raise money to help ASELSI continue the vision to equip saints and transform lives, here are ten fundraising ideas* and tools to help you do this!


1.       Matching Gifts – Check with your employer human resources to see if they match gifts to non-profits made by their employees like you!  Matching gifts for ASELSI can be sent to: ASELSI USA 550 S. Hwy UU, Columbia, MO 65203

2.      Start a GoFundMe campaign

3.      Can Drive – Collect aluminum cans to sell as scrap or to return for deposit money and donate the cash to ASELSI!

4.      Shoe Drive – Follow the directions here (www.funds2orgs.com) and you can turn shoes into donation cash!

5.      Car Wash – Check with local regulations and find a business that will let you set up a carwash in the parking lot. This is great fun for teens!

6.      Lemonade Stand – It seems simple but a sweet drink can draw attention and cash to support the cause dear to your heart. Check local regulations and get permission before setting up!

7.      Fun Run/Walk –  Check out info here or here

8.      Bike-a-thon/race – Ride for Refuge can help with the organizing of teams and sites for a great Bike Ride/Walk.

9.      Fun activities – Check out these ideas.

10.    Donate your birthday — Throw a party, but instead of gifts, ask your friends to donate to help ASELSI. You can recommend your age as the donation amount or let them decide!

11.    Donate your baby shower — Don’t need any more baby gifts? Ask your shower guests to donate to the babies of Guatemala instead of giving gifts. They can then print off a card to bring to the shower. Check out how to do it here. 

12.    Golf Outing – This takes good organizing, but can be a lot of fun and raise a lot of cash!. Check out tips here and here.

13.    Restaurant Fundraising Partnerships:

  1. Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast
  2. Mongolian Grill
  3. Blaze Pizza
  4. Boston Market
  5. Buffalo Wild Wings
  6. California Pizza Kitchen
  7. Chuck E. Cheese
  8. CiCi’s Pizza
  9. Lou Malnatis Pizzeria
  10. Kona Ice
  11. Marie Callender’s
  12. Max & Erma’s
  13. Panda Express
  14. Sonic
  15. Unos
  16. Other Restaurants


Do you have other ideas for fundraising? Comment below! We’d love to read them!

Read what an elementary school from Pennsylvania did to help ASELSI.


* Just because we include links or list a restaurant or resource here does not mean they know anything about ASELSI or support, sponsor or have anything to do with us. Nor does it mean that we approve of all that they do, have on their websites, say, or sponsor. It doesn’t even mean we have ever tried their food. This list is simply to connect you with tools and resources that may be able to help you with fundraising. Check local regulations and local organizations to see how any specific rules apply to your plans.