In late May, a team of eye doctors and students visited ASELSI and helped bring better sight to 111 patients.

The doctors were from Texas and the four students were from The University of The Incarnate Word.  The seven-day trip focused on providing follow-up care and in-depth exams for eye patients who had been checked by ASELSI clinic staff. The team prescribed 75 glasses that had to be made offsite. These glasses will be delivered in July.

 “They are doing a great job and many people are being blessed by it,” wrote ASELSI director Emanuel Perez. “We love to see their love and passion serving the people of Guatemala.”

This team of eye doctors is not only a one-week event. They are part of an ongoing program of eye doctors who have teamed up with ASELSI to provide eye care to the people of Guatemala. Eye teams from the U.S. visit ASELSI about four times a year while a Guatemalan eye doctor provides surgical care six times each year and ASELSI clinic staff take eye clinics out into the villages to provide basic eye checks and glasses about four to five times year. When a case is more extensive and needs a doctor’s care, the patient is referred to either the surgeon or one of the visits from a U.S. eye team.