Silent and empty, not typical words to describe the therapy clinic at ASELSI, but for the last several weeks the clinic looked more like a ghost town than an active therapy program. The silence is deafening, yet speaks volumes.  


On August 22nd we started treating the children needing therapy at a local church in town, just off the main road. It took some time for families to find the new place and settle in to the new routine, but our staff embraced the change from the start. One commented, “We don’t have all the things we do at our clinic in ASELSI, but we’re making use of the space and the things we were able to bring along. It is like working in the communities or serving in missions.” 


 With the new location come new visitors. Curious church members coming to pray or work wander in to see what the noise and commotion is about in a normally silent and empty space. We’ve used these opportunities to share with them about the work we do and the importance of serving those with disabilities. We hope we’ve showed them the value and purpose of every human life and opened their eyes to new possibilities for those with disabilities. 


 The roadwork is done, but it will still be a couple months before our team can return to the clinic at ASELSI. The road is closed until November 7th. In the meantime, we will keep serving, loving, and looking for ways to share God’s love and purpose for those with disability, maybe even changing some perceptions in the process.


 delfi and a big-smile boyA coworker suggested the church would be a great location for an open house. We will see if doors open for us to invite other pastors, church members, and others from the community to know about the work we are doing and establish relationships for future trainings and work. 


The therapy area at ASELSI is quiet and empty at ASELSI, but continues with energy, excitement and a full house at the church down the street. Where are the other silent and empty places that one day will be filled with the excitement and joy of serving those with disabilities? 




You can help us to impact the lives of more children supporting us through your prayers and donations.