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Bible Education

ASELSI's EBA program (Estudios Biblicos ASELSI) provides inter-denominational Bible education and ministry leadership training tailored to the unique needs of indigenous, rural pastors, and church leaders.

EBA Central

We have seen thousands of students who are taking our classes or who have graduated and are applying what they’ve learned. As they do we see lives, ministries, and even whole villages transformed by the power of God. Adult learning classes are offered with live teachers and online classes at intermediate, secondary and associates degree levels. Our upper level graduates can matriculate to an affiliated accredited university to complete their degree.

EBA Extensions

There is a great need for solid Bible training that reaches rural students. EBA Extensions take the ASELSI curriculum to where it is needed most with extension teaching centers located near groups of pastors and leaders who want to study God’s Word. We now have 15 extensions training leaders in five countries.


Bible courses are offered in Guatemala,  Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela, and the United States as well as online.

Since 2001, more than 1800 men and women with hearts to put God’s word into practice have graduated from ASELSI’s Biblical Studies.

for instruction in elementary, secondary, and collegiate levels with new courses in development.

The Cost of One Year of Biblical Studies: $230

Support a Student

Each student pays only 35% of the actual cost of their studies with ASELSI.
Help us give more leaders this opportunity.

Chulumal I, Chichicastenango, Quiché

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