ASELSI is not an island. We work with many churches, leaders and friends to equip saints and transform lives.  You can help us by connecting us with others in your world of influence!

Why share about ASELSI with your friends? Because you know us! (If you don’t, check out our history here). And our friends, like you, can introduce us to others who have a heart for God’s Kingdom around the world.

 Every year we introduce many team members to the homes and lives of people here in our world of Guatemalan. Now, we’re asking you to introduce us to the people in your world who might be interested in who we are and what we do!


Here are five ways you can share us with others:


  1. Share our stories that you like on your social networks. We have lots of stories on our blog that inspire and introduce what God is doing in Guatemala.
  2. Subscribe to our newsletter and share it with your friends! (LINK TO SUBSCRIBE)
  3. Pray for ASELSI with your family or on your own! (LINK TO PRAYER SIGNUP)
  4. Tell your church missions board about us! (Download a brochure that will help you tell them who we are and what we do.)
  5. Tell your pastor or youth leaders about opportunities to serve with ASELSI.
  6. Present a video about ASELSI to your small group.
  7. Inspire your friends to support the work of ASELSI with a crowdfunding event
  8. Give to ASELSI and tell others how you helped transform lives in Guatemala!
  9. Develop a team and come visit us!
  10. Tell us what inspires you about what God is doing in Guatemala! (Link to form “What Inspires You about ASELSI?”)