A surprising volcanic eruption. Scores dead. Villages destroyed. Thousands in shelters.

Those are the types of headlines that are being seen around the globe about Guatemala right now.

The town where ASELSI is located is not in any danger, but, sadly, over 1.7 million people were impacted by this eruption.

We have good news

ASELSI, Guatemala, and the Church is responding to this tragedy with an outpouring of love in action. From collecting and delivering care packages to physically clearing ash, Guatemala is responding and you can help.


On June 3 eruptions from the stratovolcano called, Fuego, located 11 miles from Antigua Guatemala and about 36 miles from Chichicastenango, Guatemala sent hot lava, ash, and mud down it’s slopes burning and burying whatever it encountered. Two villages were inundated with the hot slurry that moved quickly through the streets. Sixty-nine people have died in the aftermath of the explosion.

Two days after the eruptions the Guatemalan national emergency response agency, CONRED, reported more than 3,270 people evacuated from their homes. More than 1.7 million people were affected by ash and other aspects of the eruption.

In the midst of tragedy, the people of Guatemala are responding with a heart for those who have lost their homes. Thousands of individuals are sending food and supplies to help, but a long-term response will be needed.


ASELSI’s heart is to equip the saints and that’s what they are doing. ASELSI is promoting the unity of churches under the covering of a network called “Movimiento Iglesias Unidas Quiche” -- the United Church Movement of Quiche. Along with this group of churches, ASELSI is helping to support the collection of emergency care items (food, clothing, hygiene supplies, etc.) to be delivered to the families in need through a Christian relief organizations that has shelters for people in need. ASELSI is providing creative and technical support for this emergency response as well.


First, pray for those who are injured, lost, and displaced. Pray for healing of their bodies and hearts. Pray for the Church in Guatemala to rise up and care for their neighbors.


Secondly, as God puts it on your heart, donate.


If you are in Guatemala, donations can be delivered to receiving centers in your area (check with local authorities) or you can donate at ASELSI.

Donation of funds to help ASELSI respond to this and other emergencies and disasters, can be made through our website.

Ready to help?
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Chulumal I, Chichicastenango, Quiché

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